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Covid-19 Rapid Screening Kits

The Niagara Board of Trade of Commerce (NBOTAC) is pleased to partner with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and the Ontario government to provide Rapid Antigen Screening Kits for Covid-19 to small and medium businesses under 150 employees in Niagara.

Have more than 150 employees? Click here to order kits directly from the government.

Your business does not need to be a member of NBOTAC to participate.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register on the StaySafe™ rapid antigen workplace screening portal.
  2. Order your kits online and schedule a pickup time at NBOTAC’s pickup location.
  3. When picking up, bring a completed Provincial Antigen Screening Program (PASP) agreement.
  4. When picking up, bring a completed Rapid Antigen Screening Business Agreement.
  5. Watch a 5-minute training video prior to receiving your tests.
  6. After administering the tests at your workplace, report your results through the online reporting portal.




We only provide Covid-19 rapid tests to our member companies and non-member companies located in Niagara.

If you are contacting us from outside of the Niagara Region, please contact your local chamber for kits.