John D'Amico

 John D’Amico, Chair

Message From the Chair

To Members of the Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce,

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Chairman of the Board for another two years. I look forward to very impactful and vibrant years ahead for this organization.

The NBOTAC Board is anticipating positive changes. Changes bring new opportunities. We expect to not only to continue to meet the needs of our members, but exceed them.

As a Board we are fully charged with the need to build on the strength of the network to take the NBOTAC’s movement to the next level.

While the NBOTAC struggles with the need for equal advocacy there is a need to build a broader value proposition to help us attract and retain members. This is no small task, it will require a frank conversation about what we do and how we do it. Most importantly it will take all of us working together to ensure our movement meets the needs of our members and business community.

As we look to these opportunities we should recognize that we have a strong foundation. There are many initiatives the NBOTAC takes to provide our community with value and services not available elsewhere. We need to enhance these initatives in an increasingly competitive marketplace if we are to remain a viable organization.

Whether it is lobbying or networking, the NBOTAC will be aggressive in identifying opportunities to enhance our member’s position within the business community. It is only through ensuring the strength of NBOTAC that we will, as a strong voice for the business community, flourish and grow.

This organization has grown to 150+ members in a few short years. We appreciate your continued support.

As a Board and with your support as a member, we are a movement comprised of dedicated and committed individuals at both the staff and volunteer level. I would like to thank every Board Member for taking time from your daily business activities to volunteer for the betterment of the Niagara business community. I also appreciate the dedication and perseverance of our administrator Jeanette DeRose.

We are a unique, member driven organization that cannot be duplicated. Through hard work and partnership we will create a stronger network that will serve Niagara businesses for many years to come.

John D’Amico,
Chair ~ Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce