Mark Kawabe

Mark Kawabe – Chair

Message From the Chair

To Members of the Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce,

I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve as the Chair for the Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce (NBOTAC). We have welcomed three new members to the board this year and two new members last year. It’s fair to say the board is going through a period of transition. Thankfully previous boards have created a strong foundation to build on going forward.

As I write this we are (hopefully) moving into a post-pandemic world. The Covid-19 pandemic has posed an enormous challenge to us all. With respect to the business community, some businesses were forced to close while others found new opportunities. It seems we’re out of the darkest times of the pandemic and it’s time for us to work together for growth.

The power of partnerships can not be overstated. We grow faster when we collaborate with others. This is why the NBOTAC is a member of the Niagara Chamber Partnership (NCP) and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC). Each of these organizations offers great value to the NBOTAC and to each of our member businesses. I am excited about the possibilities these partnerships create and how we can provide exceptional value to the Niagara business community as a result.

Joining the NBOTAC gives businesses the opportunity to become an associate member of 8 other local chambers of commerce through the Niagara Chamber Partnership for a flat rate of $75 + HST per chamber. Because of the NBOTAC’s low, flat-rate membership fee, we are the lowest-cost option for Niagara businesses to gain access to the incredible network of participating chambers across the region. We offer almost all the affinity programs and chamber member savings opportunities available with other chambers, just at a lower cost. I don’t think you’ll find a better value when it comes to chamber membership.

The more I learn about the opportunities available to businesses through membership in the NBOTAC, the more I recognize that we need to do a better job communicating the benefits of membership to the Niagara business community. Your business can save many times the cost of your NBOTAC membership just through the savings realized through the affinity programs available to our members. Membership in NBOTAC can get you access to other business owners you may not otherwise reach. We will be focused on getting this message out to businesses across Niagara so we can be of service and benefit as many businesses as possible.

I am fortunate to be backed up by a board of directors and staff who are as dedicated to our members as I am. While there are many challenges ahead, I know we have the expertise and dedication to persevere and overcome obstacles while taking advantage of the opportunities each situation brings. The NBOTAC is a nimble, resilient organization that exists to benefit its members through the power of partnership. I hope you will consider joining our dynamic organization for the betterment of your business and our communities. Please contact me to get involved. We’ll be happy to partner with you!

Best Regards,
Mark Kawabe,
Chair ~ Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce