Top 10 Reasons to Join the
Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce


  1. People Do Business With People They Know! – Successful businesses build strong relationships with their customers and suppliers. The NBOTAC provides many networking opportunities and other gatherings to help develop the relationships you need to grow your business. Check our event calendar to see what’s going on in your business community!
  2. Web Based Marketing of Your Business! – The Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce website gives you links to your website and a listing in our online business directory to help people find you. We also offer a FREE email distribution service so you can reach all other NBOTAC members through us. We can also help amplify your social media presence with shares, likes, re-posts and re-tweets. You can also add events to our event calendar and add discounts on our Member to Member Discount program that potential clients can find online.
  3. Reduce Costs with Our Member to Member Discounts! – Many of our members offer special deals to their fellow NBOTAC members. Join us and start saving!
  4. Resources and Knowledge Development – The NBOTAC hosts seminars and luncheons that help to add to the professional development of our members. In addition, if you have questions about doing business in Niagara, we have access to the answers you need.
  5. Group Insurance Available – For companies in need of group insurance, the NBOTAC offers competitive packages.
  6. We always refer our members first – When we receive an inquiry, we recommend and refer NBOTAC members first. If you’re looking for more business leads, let our board members, staff and other members refer you!
  7. Membership is 100% Tax Deductible – We’re not a charity, but all memberships and sponsorships are 100% deductible as an operating expense.
  8. Help Shape Local Policy – The NBOTAC is a strong voice for business in Niagara. We provide a unified voice and represent the business community at the municipal level on issues that can impact the businesses in our community. When you join the Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce, you know your voice will be heard.
  9. Collaboration Brings Us Together – We work with local BIAs and tourism boards to build a more prosperous community. Working collaboratively allows us to identify opportunities that can help build a more positive and prosperous business environment.
  10. Region-wide Representation through the Niagara Chamber Partnership – The Niagara Chamber Partnership (NCP) consists of nine (9) Niagara Chambers of Commerce that work together to provide businesses region-wide networking and awareness opportunities.

The benefits of being a member of the Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce are almost as diverse as the businesses who join. Become a bigger part of the Niagara business community and join the NBOTAC today. Click here to apply.