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Cobblestone Gardens Retirement Residence

Contact: Jeannie Redekop
Work 10 Ormond St. North Thorold Ontario L2V 1Y7 Canada Work Phone: 905-227-5550 Website:


If yourself or a loved one is looking into a retirement residence, Cobblestone Gardens is the perfect place.

Cobblestone Gardens promotes an independent lifestyle and encourages personal development and wellness. They employ a team approach to maximize the quality of services their residents’ receive. The staff are trained professionals who are committed to being the best, ensuring each and every day is filled with fun, laughter, health and friendship. This is a unique philosophy that guarantees consistency in the management of your specific needs and requirements, while catering to your independent lifestyle in the safety and security of Cobblestone Gardens.

Cobblestone Gardens is located at 10 Ormond St. North in Thorold. For more information please visit