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Plan(t) Wise Garden and Landscape

Contact: Heather Swann
Work 103 Adelaide St Port Colborne ON L3K 2W4 Work Phone: 905 375 9383 Website:


Do you know someone who wishes they could spend more time enjoying nature? Someone who would like to see more butterflies and birds in theirr outdoor space?

From balconies to acreages, we reconnect people with the beauty of nature at home.

Plan(t) Wise Garden & Landscape Design is a boutique firm providing expertise in native plant-focused garden design and less-effort management guidance. Our mission is to inspire passion for nature and create thriving, healthy communities for all species by providing clients with the knowledge, guidance, and support they need to create a haven for themselves and the wildlife that shares our spaces.

We are proud of the value we can bring to clients by helping them achieve their dream of having a sustainable, low-maintenance outdoor space. Reconnecting you and your community with nature one garden at a time.

Proudly serving the Niagara Region in person (travel fee beyond 30 km based on Google Maps) and Southern Ontario virtually.