Prop UP YOUR Banner Behind You 
& Join Our Virtual BEEniagara’s Banners Ahoy EVENING Networking Event!

Wed. Oct. 14, 2020, 6:15-8-15pm on Zoom


For More Info: used Zoom Before? So Easy! 
Just open link below and download app
Add Meeting ID, Enter, Passcode, Enter
You will be taken to the Waiting Room all ready for the host to open the meeting

FYI: (Yes, you can set up 5-20 minutes earlier then minimize and walk away or go on with working on other things!) If you never plan to use zoom again simply delete the app after meeting. 
FYII: Those using phones to join will only see the person speaking – ipad or computer participants see up to 40 people in between Designated Speakers using screen. Can even hook up to a TV monitor with HDMI for a bigger view!)

Yes BEEniagara is retiring for good January 31/21...

Thank YOU for Making This An AMAZING Network Just By Being Part of It!!!

Love & Light,
Carolyn Shannon & Associates
Businesses Empowered & Enriched in Niagara
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