Essentials for life. Priced for living.

Being human is a tough job. C6 Medical makes it easier.

There’s dirt you can see and germs you can’t. Businesses to run and homes to sanitize. People to care for and others to keep safe. Check out their website for a full list of products

C6 Medical makes it easier—with value pricing and same-day shipping on the products you use regularly. Popular brands and hard to find items in stock so you never have to hunt. And when you buy more, you’ll save more. 

They are proudly Canadian, family-owned and operated company that’s passionate about their customers, their business, and the products they sell. Located in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara region, they’ve built their business on caring staff and quality goods. 

Thank you, and have a great business day!

Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce