Please read the below from NBOTAC Member Club C Event Centre! 

It’s Fri-Yay! Our new takeout menu is below

We get asked this a lot —->We are located in Port Robinson on the west side of the canal, 1311 Egerter Rd

We open 4-7 today, office will open at 2 pm for call ahead pre-paid orders.

All orders must be pre-paid. Curb side pickup provided.

Please don’t leave Facebook messages as we are working with very limited staff and don’t always see them in time .

Our phone number is 905 384-9292

Thank you so much for your support of our small not for profit business! Stay well! ❤️💚💙💜🧡💛

Friday April 3/20 Take out menu

Homemade Chicken Parm with spaghetti
$8.50 for single serving
( take home and heat and serve)

Roasted Chicken with potatoes and veggies
$8.50 for single serving
(take home and heat and serve)

Turkey Tetrazzini
$8.50 single serving
(Take home and serve)

Cabbage Rolls ( pack of 3)
Single serve/frozen
$ 6.00

Frozen homemade meat and cheese Lasagna ( serves 9-12)

5lb bag of frozen homemade famous Club C Gnocchi


Thank you,

Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce