Please read the below for the Hotel Dieu Shaver-Snowflakes & Angels Christmas Campaign!

We honour the patients, volunteers, healthcare team and donors who have supported HDS during this challenging year.

– Meet Gaetano Girardi –
In April 2021, Mr. Gaetano Girardi was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Gaetano doesn’t remember anything after falling asleep, or the eight weeks he spent in a coma in the hospital. As his coma progressed, his lungs collapsed and Gaetano’s right side became paralyzed. On a respirator and feeding tubes, doctors told the family on four different occasions that Gaetano would not recover.

Mr. Girardi faced a difficult road to recovery when he was transferred to Hotel Dieu Shaver. 

“My body felt like Jell-O,” he remembers. The formerly active cement worker who walked over 15,000 steps a day now couldn’t even lift his head on his own. Told that any recovery could take up to a year, Gaetano felt discouraged.

The team at Hotel Dieu Shaver renewed hope for the Girardi Family and helped to rebuild his life.

Learn more about Mr. Girardi’s experience with Hotel Dieu Shaver’s post-acute COVID-19 rehab program

Donations from the Snowflakes & Angels Christmas Campaign will fund the purchase of priority patient care equipment that is not funded by the government. Medication stations, ultrasounds and patient lifts are on the top of the list of equipment needs this year. 

Donations of $50+ (received on or before Jan. 4), will be published in the newspaper on Jan. 8


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