PRowl Communications is pleased to offer the following for you and your business:

  1. Virtual Networking – this afternoon at 3:30 – Clients & Cocktails
  2. Webinar on Tuesday: A legal perspective on the Business Rent Relief Program
  3. Webinar on Thursday: Recession Proof Your Business

Details for each:

Clients & Cocktails Networking has been running every Friday for 6 years. Today: 3:30 – 6pm drop in any time: – join us here:

Very casual networking that is now virtual online until restrictions are lifted and the bars and restaurants open again.

Webinar: A Legal Perspective on the Canada Emergency Commercial Rental Assistance (CECRA) program:

Tuesday, May 26th 1pm 

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, from time to time we are invited to extend information to our clients and connections as is the case with this webinar. Zoho is pleased to host an interactive, free webinar in collaboration with Goodlawyer to discuss the Canada Emergency Rent Assistance Program (CECRA), where you’ll have the chance to engage with legal experts. Given the Covid-19 crisis, we thought this may be of benefit to many of you. Register here:

Complimentary Webinar: Thursday, May 28th 3:00 pm

It’s no wonder many small business owners easily lose confidence and give up too quickly instead of plowing through the tough times. But in many cases, that’s the exact opposite reaction small business owners should have. There are things you can do to improve the health of your business and turn things around. In this presentation, we’ll cover:

·     Common reasons small businesses fail

·     Takeaways from large, multi-billion businesses who struggled and made a successful comeback

Things you can do to make your business “recession-proof”

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