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PRowl Communications is pleased to announce we are now a Keap Certified Partner and looking forward to working with businesses to follow up, automate, get more leads and more revenue.


We are excited to be working with the team at Keap and bring you another tool to help manage and grow your business. As of August 30th, PRowl Communications and myself received dual certification as a Keap Certified Partner as well as a Keap Certified Mentor. This means as a partner, we can help you purchase and work with Keap to grow your business, and as a mentor, we will be offering webinars, workshops and training to further your knowledge of small business processes to save you time, organize your business, follow up with leads, build relationships and grow your business.


What is Keap?

Keap is a smart client management software that helps you progress leads into satisfied clients. Keap organizes your customer information and daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks so you have more time to focus on delivering consistently great service, with less stress.

If you haven’t heard of Keap, we’re sure you have heard of Infusionsoft. Earlier this year, Infusionsoft rebranded to Keap. At the same time introducing two new products in their three product line up: Keap Grow, Keap Pro and Infusionsoft by Keap. The products will free you from repetitive tasks and save you time, while also allowing you to deliver personalized, reliable service to clients.


At PRowl Communications we have been working with email marketing, CRM and marketing automation systems for years, in fact we are email marketing specialists – but we really haven’t found a system that works easily for small business, can be up and running quickly and offers email marketing, a CRM and automation all in one place as easily as Keap. Entrepreneurs do not need more frustration, Keap makes marketing, building relationships and follow up easy. Book a demo or sign up for a 14-day trial.


September is back to business for so many – we like to call it the second New Year. Many of us tend to slack off a bit during the summer months, rejuvenating, enjoying life. Comes September, we are excited to plan and start our journey to close out the year by reaching our goals.


To help you in this we are hosting a 90 minute webinar:

Small Business Assessment and Planning Framework

on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at 3pm EST


Many business owners find themselves asking questions like, “I have an awesome product/service… why don’t more people buy it?” or, “I know I need to do some things differently in
my business… but where do I even start?”


The Small Business Assessment and Planning Framework provides small businesses with the insights and specific steps necessary to take action and get results quickly, in their sales and marketing investments.


By participating in this session, attendees will be able to:


  • Articulate a clear and concise value proposition (core product offering, ideal customer avatar, unique value proposition, and avoid and achieve messaging).
  • Detail specific gaps and opportunities for improvements in their sales, marketing, and operations.
  • Identify and prioritize the strategies and tactics in their business which can be most quickly launched with minimum investment and measurable ROI.
  • Workshop Exclusive BONUS: Scope and plan the work needed to execute their priority strategy with the Planning Framework


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