The Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) are looking for your insights on what matters to business amidst the crisis and post-pandemic recovery. How confident are you in Ontario’s economy and recovery? What is your organization’s outlook for 2022?  

As we work together on post-pandemic recovery, your participation in our annual Business Confidence Survey is as important as ever. The results of the survey will inform the 2022 Ontario Economic Report: the landmark research platform of the OCC, offering a unique perspective on the experience of businesses of all sizes across the province.

Share your views by taking a short five-minute survey here:[Niagara_Board_of_Trade_&_Commerce]

This survey is being conducted by Golfdale Consulting, an independent consulting firm.
All responses will be kept strictly anonymous and confidential.

Closing date: Friday, November 12, 2021 at midnight

As we look towards economic recovery, the Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce are committed to ensuring government understands what is top of mind for the business community. That’s why we need your help to express the voice of business loud and clear at Queen’s Park.

Take the survey and let the government know what is important to you:[Niagara_Board_of_Trade_&_Commerce]

Thank you, and have a great business day!

Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce