Please view the below message from Lori at Shine Holistic! 

Good morning!  Just to clarify, Shine is OPEN FOR ALL SERVICES! (Reflexology in the garden is just a bonus!) 

Also, fresh products are on the shelf:  

Autumn Spice Room Mist

Rollerball dispensers:  
Rise and Shine – revitalizing citrus blend
Deep Breath – decongestant for cold/flu/headache
Sweet Dreams – sedative and calming

Inhalers:  Breathe Easy – remedy for cold/flu/headache/nausea
Sleep Easy – remedy for anxiety/stress/insomnia

Pick yours up at your next appointment!

Lori Elizabeth Ens – RRPr, CAHP
Shine Holistic Therapies & Products
p: 905-397-9377

Thank you, and have a great business day!

Niagara Board of Trade & Commerce