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Metal/Steel roofs are environmentally friendly – There’s no doubt that metal roofing is the more eco-friendly option to roofing, which applies in a number of ways:
Metal roofing is highly recyclable, meaning leftover pieces, tear-off panels, or damaged parts can be recycled for future use.

There are metal coils and sheets that are made up of previously recycled materials. This is especially true with aluminum, as nearly 95% of aluminum roofing is already recycled materials. If the underlayment, which is laid above the roof deck and underneath the metal panels to protect against moisture, ice, vapors, and high temperature, is 100% polypropylene, it can be recycled.

Energy Efficiency – In addition to metal roofing’s environmental benefits, it also has energy efficiency advantages. Many metal coil and sheet manufacturers now offer cool roofing, which are highly emissive metal panels that release absorbed heat in higher temperatures and retain heat in cooler temperatures. You can also choose from a variety of ENERGY STAR® rated colors and finishes for metal roofs. Additionally, you have the ability to easily mount energy-saving equipment, such as solar panels, on a metal roof using clamps.

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