Welcome our newest member CAN Employment to the NBOTAC!

CAN Employment is a staffing agency specializing in temporary labour placements, situated in the heart of the Niagara Region. Their team is proud to be made up of experienced individuals (more than 35 years combined experience!) who’ve been in the industry for decades. From humble beginnings as temporary workers themselves, their management and front line staff know the labourious nature of the work they are often sending people to.

Members of their team have been on the business side as well, needing workers and relying on staffing agencies to help them. They know and understand the struggles that field staff and clients both face. Their objective is to provide employees with a work environment that is constructive to both personal and professional growth. They believe that every client is unique and has servicing needs that differ, even within the same industry. They listen, and they care, to ensure that clients and  staff are happy with the service they are providing.

For more information about CAN Employment please visit https://www.canemployment.com/

Thank you, and have a great business day!