Welcome Feldenkrais in Niagara to the NBOTAC!

Fariya Doctor is a “Movement Detective”. In the clinic she evaluates how you are moving and quickly identifies imbalances. She helps people out of pain by teaching them how to move in a smoother, healthier way. 

Did you know that chronic pain can be caused simply by the way you move? Your brain and your body just aren’t speaking to each other.

Everyone’s body and movement is unique. As a movement detective, Fariya Doctor uses Feldenkrais® and breathing techniques to teach you how to re-connect your body and brain so you move naturally. 
Fariya is also a Buteyko Breathing Instructor and specializes in helping people with Breathing Pattern Disorders. She helps people with asthma, apnea, and anxiety.

Fariya also has a prior degree in Biology and a diploma in Massage Therapy. She is a passionate learner, mother of a neurodivergent son, and a lover of nature. 

She has lived and worked in the Niagara region for 25 years
Fariya can be reached at www.fariyadoctor.com

Thank you, and have a great business day!