Welcome one of the NCBOTAC’s newest members PandaPay! 


The credit card processing industry is plagued with unethical sales tactics and hidden fees. It’s common these days to see other credit card processors advertising rates as low as 1.00%. Because of a lack of regulation and transparency in the payment processing industry, some of their competitors unfortunately don’t disclose several other additional fees such as “assessment fees”, “annual fees”, “settlement fees”, ‘’non-qualified surcharges’’, “interchange differential”, to name a few.

The PandaPay mission will always be to provide merchants with dedicated ongoing personalized care for their payment processing and business needs. Through education, world-class service and support their leaving more profits where they belong, in the hands of business owners.

For more information about PandaPay please visit https://www.pandapay.ca/

Thank you, and have a great business day!

Jeanette DeRose
Niagara Centre Board of Trade & Commerce