Welcome one of the newest members to the NCBOTAC Prowl Communications!

Taking The Headache Out Of Your Marketing . Automatically.

Prowl Communications helps your small business and sales team build customer relationships, clearly communicate your marketing message and turn leads into $’s with less headaches.

Prowl Communications will provide the marketing and sales building blocks to generate more leads, increase your revenue and profit with less time and money spent on your marketing!


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Email Marketing, Management & Training
  • Research & Database Development
  • Social Media, Management & Training
  • SMS Messaging
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Sales/Sponsorship/ Fundraising Development
  • Print and Media Brokering

After all, what good is the marketing solution if you cannot measure the results, and see the return on investment.

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Jeanette DeRose