Cool Your Sweats, Woman! It’s a perfect hot flash remedy made with pure essential oils! 

Clary Sage – estrogenic to help calm the hormone shifts

Peppermint – instantly cooling

Lavender – anti-inflammatory & calming

Bergamot– to aid release

Geranium – estrogenic to help balance and calm hormones

Shake well and spray liberally on the chest, neck, arms, and abdomen at the onset of a hot flash
 or as a prevention measure before bed. 

Times available:

Tuesday, June 11 – 11:30-1,   3:30-4:30

Wed June 12 – 1-2:30

Fri June 14 – 11:30-12:30

Times are flexible, so please inquire.

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Lori Elizabeth Ens – RRPr, CAHP
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